Stronger are you feet than the barren stones. Mightier are your voices than the manifold winds.


So if people take the bible so literally, I think it’s perfectly okay to take anything we love and cherish literally.
Like for instance the television shows we love.
The books we adore.

Because after all, it’s all works of fiction. And we all have free will.
So go on and believe what you wanna believe.

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I love you, but I hate the way you act sometimes.


when i say i hate school it doesn’t mean i hate education and knowledge. it means that i hate selfish and ignorant people there. it means that i hate stress and high expectations. it means that i hate being treated like a shit. it fucking means that i hate feeling like a failure all the time. 

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You don’t need religion to have morals. If you can’t determine right from wrong then you lack empathy, not religion.
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